Sustainable technology

From the largest importer in the Nordics

Scanoffice is a leading importer and wholesaler of clean energy products. Our equipment produces significant financial savings for home and property owners. Together with our customers and partners we are building a happy, sustainable future for generations to come.

Our products

Scanoffice delivers a wide selection of products that save energy and create a healthy living environment. Our equipment is environmentally friendly and reduces the carbon footprint.

We offer our customers the best solutions for heating and cooling. We are the largest importer of heat pumps in the Nordic countries and a pioneer in the Finnish market. Our room-specific ventilation and air-supply units improve the freshness and cleanliness of indoor air. Solar-power systems allow our customers to produce electricity from their own roof and live more self-sufficiently.

We work actively to develop our products and create new innovations. Our goal is to be at the forefront of clean energy utilization.

We guarantee a safe purchase

Nearly 40 years of experience

For almost four decades we have delivered products that make our customers’ every-day life easier and are good for the planet. We are a well-established company, and you can count on our expertise.

Tested, high-quality products

We select our products carefully and deliver only high-performing equipment from the best manufacturers. All of our equipment has been thoroughly tested to ensure that it is suitable for the Nordic climate.

Professional installation

Our products are sold and installed by our accredited resellers all over Finland. We are continuously training and supporting our resellers to ensure they can provide customers with the right services and solutions.

Comprehensive warranty and support

We are here for you during the whole lifespan of the product. Thanks to our comprehensive warranty and well-functioning after-sales service, you can be assured that you are not left alone in case of any issues.

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